Syderal's software design engineers have years of experience activities,  in designing and validating critical embedded software for the space industry. The team applies design methodology in high constrained environments driven by space industry norms (ECSS) and rigorous validation processes to verify that the final software fully meets customer requirements.

Our software experts are also actively involved in overall equipment design in order to manage software-to-hardware interactions that will bring up the functionalities the system is required to implement.

Strong knowledge of the equipment interface enables our highly-qualified engineers to seamlessly collaborate with the customer's operational teams for superior results. 


Sequence diagram







Our software engineering capabilities include:

  • Requirements management
  • Development of critical one-time programming boot SW
  • Embedded real time, multi-threaded software architecture design and implementation
  • The ability to design embedded software customized for specific hardware
  • Development plans in compliance with the space industry standards
  • SW specification and architecture based on the UML modelling language
  • Architecture-to-implementation based on the design of comprehensive sequence diagrams
  • SPARC architecture through software developed for Atmel LEON2 processor
  • Real-time operating system based on RTEMS
  • Versed in several languages including C, ADA, TCL, Python
  • Software tests through dedicated tools like VectorCast
  • Software-to-software integration on target simulator
  • Software-to-hardware integration on final target






Software development environment