The InSight mission (Interior exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport), will investigate the fundamental processes of terrestrial planet formation and evolution by performing the first comprehensive surface-based geophysical investigation of Mars. InSight will delineate these parameters with a focused set of investigations centred on seismology and supported by precision-tracking and heat flow measurements.

The Seis E-Box (Seismometer Electronic Box) is located in the main lander and includes all functions needed to control the seismometer. The software, developed by CNES (National Centre for Space Research), is located in the main computer.

The main functions of the E-BOX are:

  • Acquisition and sensor re-centring
  • 10 scientific channels acquisition
  • 3 VBB and 3 SP sensor velocity acquisition and control
  • Supply the power needed for the seismometer
  • Control the tether deployment

The equipment is split between in house developed boards and provided boards:

  • The SEIS-AC module which is the main controller function of the SEIS instrument and in charge of the acquisition of the scientific signals
  • The SEIS-DC module which receives the 28V primary power line and provides all secondary voltage lines to the other sub-units
  • 3 SEIS-FB modules in charge of the VBB sensors signal conditioning and calibration, and of the drive of the compensation motors
  • 1 SEIS-SP module in charge of the SP sensors signals conditioning and calibration
  • The SEIS-MDE which drives and controls the levelling motors

Swiss Quality

The equipment is a major Syderal (and Swiss) contribution to the InSight mission. It includes system integration of third-party deliverables as well as integration of innovative reprogrammable technology.

Engineering talent

Syderal's engineers have successfully designed a very high number of high-precision acquisition channels with low frequency noise rejection, within extreme size and weight constraints.


The flight model was delivered in less than 25 months (starting from a blank slate) demonstrating Syderal's absolute dedication to the project.