Digital Electronics

Syderal's engineers have extensive experience in developing processor boards based on different technologies such as MA31750, DSP21020, ERC-32, or LEON. This advanced knowledge enables us to easily manage a variety of projects requiring high-speed signal integrity analysis and complex digital design.

Our digital electronics services include:

  • COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) processor boards, based on PowerPC, SPARC microprocessors or diverse micro-controllers
  • Various interfaces - PCI, CAN, RS422, MIL-STD-1553, SpaceWire, OBDH and more
  • High capacity memory with high throughput (e.g. 72 Gbit with 1,6 Gbit/sec capabilities on a single space qualified board),

Analogue Electronics

Syderal offers expertise in the design and development of analogue function, including sensor acquisition and conditioning, AD & DA conversion, video chains, actuator drive and control, microwave circuits and much more.

Our analogue electronics services deliver high performance results in:

  • Fast and high resolution A/D conversion
  • Low noise front-end electronics
  • Tranducer, strain gage, pressure sensor, capacitive sensor acquisition
  • Frequency synthesis and conversion chain
  • Digital signal processing
  • Digital radio frequency receiver
  • Motor driver, voice coil, brushless, piezo actuator and others
  • High voltage generation 
  • Extreme temperature